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Don't let summer
pass you by.

Be Adventurous.


Learn more about joining the Dolphin Swim and Athletic Club.

Book a party at our club that is sure to be memorable.


Be a part of the Dolphin Swim Team! The Surbuban League's Best!

Stay up to date on all of the fun events Dolphin offers so you can plan your best summer!

A Summer Legacy


The Dolphin Swim and Athletic Club has been a favorite summer locale for families since 1961. It's a place where children grow into adults and pass the legacy of membership onto to their children for generations.  Managed by Coach John Casadia for the last 55 years, the Dolphin is known for it's stellar swim team program that has produced some of the region's top talent.  Most importantly, the Dolphin offers an opportunity for families to connect and make magical memories to last a lifetime. 

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