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Jay Dadhania

Tarnsfield Torpedo Swim Team
jay dadhania.png

First, Jay would like to thank his awesome swim coaches, his amazing friends and most importantly, his family for supporting him all these years with swim and at school. He is very thankful for the members of Tarnsfield swim club for welcoming them to their pool and made them feel like family.  He has learned a lot from the people he connected with on his journey. While most kids looked forward to summer camp or vacations, Jay always looked forward to summer swim since he was an 8 and under at Westwood Waves Swim Club. The mix of friendships, fun activities & swimming made summer enjoyable and memorable. Tarnsfield extended these memories as Jay got to spend time with old friends while making new friends of all ages in the process. Despite the setbacks related to the pandemic, Jay has managed to keep a positive attitude and persevered through the challenges he faced.

This past year, Jay carried forward his passion for swim at Washington College in Maryland where he begins the sophomore year this fall studying Psychology on a pre-med track.  From relatives and friends to mentors, Jay’s family is large and will continue to grow in college.

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