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Benjamin James Konyak

Elmer Shark Swim Team
benjamin konyak.png

My name is Benjamin James Konyak but some of you know me as “SQUISHY”. Anyway I’ve been swimming for the sharks since 2009 to 2021. Next I would like to share some memories with all of you. First I wasn’t a competitive swimmer like these other Elmer swimmers. Then I knew when I got a little bit older I was expected to improve. Which I did before and during high school. I might’ve taken a break freshman year but besides that I knew my life will never be the same without swimming. That being said, I started swimming for the Schalick Cougars sophomore year and after that year I was training with the Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club (Gpac). In addition, I would like to thank coach Galetto, coach Mulherin, and coach Dubois for showing me what a true high school swimmer is all about. Even though our record didn’t show it this year, the Schalick boys swim team did a phenomenal job this season. I would like to thank Sean Simms, Jack Wheaton, and Austin Ludwick for sticking with me during those years. Ok let’s get back to Elmer swimming. I will never forget about the morning practices, funday mondays, flipper fridays, the team campout, and all of the wonderful swim meets including this one. Finally, I would like to give a couple thanks to some people. To begin, I would like to give thanks to coach Tony Lisa, coach Kelly, coach Tucker, coach Caroline, and coach Jordan for believing in my swimming abilities. Second, I would like to give thanks to the board of trustees for running this pool smoothly and giving us the opportunity to swim here. Third, I would like to thank all of my Elmer swimmers for making this summer memorable. Lastly, I would like to say a huge thanks to my family Bruce Konyak, Brenda Konyak, Cameron Konyak, and Ana Konyak. I must be getting old but I don’t know if you notice I had the best two coaches in my entire life. Who would’ve thought those two coaches would be a Schalick retiree my dad Bruce Konyak and alumni Elmer swimmer my sister Ana Konyak. SHEEEEEEEESH!!!!  In the future I plan on going to a community college Rowan college of South Jersey and majoring in the medical field. Once a shark,  always a shark. 

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