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Stephen Padlo

Elmer Shark Swim Team
stephen padlo.png

Born on the same day as Lonzo Ball 5 years later, Stephen Padlo has lived a pretty “baller” life so far. Reigning from Upper Pittsgrove township, Stephen has been swimming for the Elmer Sharks since he was six years old. If you don’t see Stephen unicycling down the street, you will likely run into him at the beach surfing, some random field metal detecting, or rolling out of control down a mountain in an attempt to snowboard. His athleticism is limited to hitting balls with fancy sticks at the golf course and getting wet with the homies at swim practice. This fall, Stephen will be attending Princeton University to pursue his dream to become an allergist so he can poke people with needles for the rest of his life. Stephen would like to thank his parents and coaches for making him the person he is today.

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