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Kayla Daly

Larchmont Barracuda Swim Team
kayla daly.png

Kayla started swimming for the Riverdel Stingrays at 3 years old as a kick boarder.  She swan there until she was nine and participated in many Tri County meets.  She joined Larchmont Swim Club when she was 10 years old and swam for 9 more years as a barracuda.  She also swan for PRSC and was a 3-year Varsity swimmer for Delran High School.  In addition to swimming, she also lettered in Cheerleading, Cross Country, and Lacrosse.  Kayla graduated in 2020 from Delran High School.  She just finished her freshmen year at Salisbury University in Maryland.  This year she will be a Sophomore majoring in Communications.  Kayla would like to thank her many coaches throughout the years for being patient with her when she was late for practice or talking and laughing when she was supposed to be swimming.  She would also like to thank her parents who encouraged her to become a good swimmer because they were afraid she would drown when she was little.  They also were her biggest cheerleaders on the side of the pool even when her goggles and cap would come off while she was swimming.  She would also like to thank her siblings Elizabeth, Glenn and Connor for giving her countless reasons for being late and especially her brothers for always providing so much entertainment at practice.  Lastly, Kayla would like to thank the many friends she made over the years.  Together they made countless memories that will last a lifetime.  Kayla will miss eating her Monday donuts, ice cream socials, fun banquets that always had yummy food, pasta dinners and all the fun activities with her friends.  Swimming at Larchmont has taught Kayla that if she is ever on a sinking ship all she needs to do is just keep swimming.

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