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Jenna Powell

Lake Kandle Lake Sharks Swim Team
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Jenna has been swimming for the Lake Kandle Land Sharks for the last two seasons. Jenna began her swim career at the ripe old age of 11, basically on a whim. It all started with a swim lesson her parents insisted she take before they headed to the Caribbean on vacation - where she would be snorkeling. She had never swam competitively before and was not overly fond of the water. After one lesson, her swim instructor Ryan Gervasi began to encourage her to come out for the swim team the next season. The lifeguards at the pool all agreed, she had a knack for swim and with that lesson, the journey began...
Swim became a fabric of our family, year round. From multiple YMCA teams to multiple summer swim teams, Jenna always found the water. Jenna is a swimmer - but in reality, she's a Back-stroker primarily, with a little bit of Fly, Breast and Free. Jenna's most memorable moment swimming was qualifying for Suburban Championship on the last qualifying swim; the next most memorable was the concussion she sustained at the same Suburban Championship in her first event... win some, and lose some.
Jenna is a four year letter winner in Swimming and summa cum laude graduate of Kingsway Regional High School. In addition to swimming, Jenna was a 3-year manager of the Varsity football team and Lacrosse team at Kingsway and was editor of the school yearbook.

In the fall Jenna will begin working on her degree in businesses from Wilmington University, with a focus on marketing and management. She will then transfer to the University of Delaware to finish out her schooling.

Jenna has many folks to thank for encouraging her and pushing her to be a better swimmer. Swimming for Nancy Curtis at 5 AM each day of the week during COVID and over the past summers has shown Jenna's dedication to the sport. Coaches Mike Clemente, Kristina Redell, Jason Diehl, Shane Tubb, Joe Pegues and Amanda Pope made Jenna the swimmer she became along the way of her swim journey - each of them asking her to become more than a back stroker. The Lake Kandle swim team has been supportive of Jenna finishing her swim career and giving her one last "swim."
The ride would not be complete without saying thank you to all of my teammates, the Swim Mom's and Dad's who have become part of our family, encouraged me to be a better swimmer and made pool life fun.

There have been many nights at the pool, early mornings to events on Saturdays and numerous trips to GCIT; Jenna would like to thank her parents for all of their support and love - the hours committed sitting by the pool, officiating meets, taking thousands of pictures and the supporting her dreams of being a swimmer.

Top 10 Reasons Jenna Swims Competitively

10) It was this, or play Soccer... NO CONTEST
9) I have nothing better to do at 5AM every day
8) I love the smell of Chlorine in the morning
7) Its better than doing chores at home
6) I enjoy banging my head into walls
5) Goggle tan lines are hot
4) Swimmers don't need weekends
3) Chlorine is cheaper than perfume
2) I rarely have to take a bath
1) Green hair rules

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