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Zachary Weng

Raccoon Valley Swim Team
zachary weng.png

Zachary has been a member of the Raccoon Valley Swim Team for the past 10 years. He graduated from Clearview Regional High School where he was a four-year varsity swimmer and the 2021 MVP of the boys’ team. In the fall, Zach will be attending Stevens Institute of Technology where he will be majoring in Business & Technology with a concentration in Marketing & Computer Science. Zach would like to thank his parents, teammates, Coach Jack, Coach Cassie, Coach Emma, Coach Julia, Ronnie, and even Ben for their support throughout his years on the team. And most of all Zach would like to thank Coach Karen for cultivating his love for swimming and encouraging his involvement in the team which made waking up at 6:30 6 days a week during the summer an actually amazing experience.

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