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Andrew Hsiao

Medford Village Gators Swim Team
andrew hsaoiu.png

My name is Andrew Hsiao. This is my first year at Medford village and it has been a blast. I first started to take swim lessons when I was 4 years old with Miss Allison at Medford Fitness. Apparently that was enough for my mom to force me to start club swimming when I was 6 years old at Wahoos and eventually at SJAC. At first, I was the worst swimmer on the team, which most definitely correlated with my hatred for the sport. As much as I screamed and begged and cried, my mother, being as relentless as she is, continued to force me to swim. Over time, I would start to appreciate the sport of swimming because of the great coaches encouraging me along the way. With my coaches at Wahoos and my coaches at Shawnee, my swimming improved as well as my love for swimming. I graduated from Shawnee having the time of my life swimming for Coach O’Neill and will cherish the great times I had with the swim team. I will be continuing my education at Villanova University with a major in business. I would like to thank my mom and dad for supporting me throughout my swimming career with all of its ups and downs, especially my dad when he would watch my meets and end up disappointing him whenever I come up with a lame excuse for why I gained time. I would like to thank Coach O’Neill for being a great coach, teacher, and role model for four years. Thank you also to all of the swim team for making swim meets and practices a lot more fun. In the end, I stuck with swimming and slowly it turned away from me being forced by my mom to swim but now me forcing my mom to drive me to swim practices and meets. I bet you regret that now mom.

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