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Olivia Eppolito

Tarnsfield Torpedo Swim Team
olivia eppolito.png

Olivia has been swimming for the Tarnsfield torpedoes for 13 years. At the age of 4 Olivia was a developmental swimmer who began only doing kickboard races or crying because the water was too cold to get in. 13 years later and Olivia has received 2 MVP awards, has made 9 years of Champs, and has spent time volunteering with developmentals who are just like she once was. Olivia graduated from Burlington Township High School in June 2021. Olivia was a part of the Field Hockey team for her High School and has winter swam for Jersey Storm, YBCC, and SJAC. Out of all teams she was a part of, Olivia loved being a Tarnsfield Torpedo the most. Her favorite Tarnsfield memories are The Pineapple Dance during meet breaks, the circle cheer, and seeing the team video at the end of the season. Olivia wants to thank her family for their constant support, standing in the heat every Saturday morning for 13 years, and being proud of her no matter the outcome of her races. She especially wants to thank her coaches, Jake and Sam, and her sister Bree who is a coach this year. The most important part of being a humble swimmer is having coaches who encourage you that the sport is more than win or lose. I am thankful for the Tarnsfield family who has made my career as a swimmer so FUN! Although I may no longer swim for the team after this year, they say once a Torpedo, always a Torpedo…and that will forever be true.

For one last time…Litty Liv, signing out. 

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