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Catherine McGlynn

Medford Village Gators Swim Team
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Catherine has been a Medford Village Gator for the past 13 years and wouldn’t have wanted to

spend her summers any other way. She has many fond memories including funday Mondays,

pancake breakfast, pizza karaoke, volleyball, card games and just being with her friends.

Catherine’s favorite swim accomplishments are when her relays broke the pool records.

This year Catherine graduated from Shawnee High School. She was involved in many activities

including lacrosse, volleyball, Kids for Wish, SADD, National Honor Society just to name a few.

In the fall, Catherine will be attending University of Scranton to pursue nursing as well as

playing lacrosse. A special thank you to Coach Jeff who had a big impact in her life. He taught

her at an early age the meaning of being a good team player. Coach Jeff had Catherine swim

butterfly in every meet when she was 6 years old. Catherine did not (and does not) like to swim

butterfly. Jeff sat her down and explained that he needed her....she was one of only two

swimmers in the 8 & under girls that could swim butterfly legally without getting DQ’d. It was

then she first understood the meaning of being part of a team. Catherine has tried to carry out

that lesson of being a good team player in everyday life and through the many sports she has

played over the past 13 years. Thank you Coach Jeff for that life lesson and so many more!

Catherine will always be grateful for her time at Medford Village and wants to thank her parents,

brother Patrick, sister Maeve, friends, her summer swim family, Coach O’Neill and all of the

amazing assistant coaches. Go Gators!

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