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Maisy Denn

Medford Village Gator Swim Team
maisey denn.png

Maisy has been swimming with Gators for as long as she can remember.  Maisy met her first swim coach and mentor in Coach Jeff.  He instilled a passion for swimming and taught life lessons to live by.  Her favorite Coach Jeff “ism” is to “Make the Deposit”.  Maisy carried this simple phrase with her, not only during the 3 month of summer swim season, but also throughout the remaining 9 months of the year while going to high school at Merion Mercy Academy and at winter swim with the Wave.  She attributes this phrase to her success in and out of the pool, including being awarded MVP four years in a row on the Merion swim team.  Surprisingly, a little known fact -- Maisy started her career as a legendary Breakstroker.  Somewhere along the way, she transitioned to Backstroke and then settled into her love which is Butterfly.  Of course, she is happiest when she only swims 50’s--no need to “deposit it all” into one race!

Maisy is most grateful for the endless memories and forever friends she made at Medford Village.  She will miss Funday Mondays and Bagel Shop runs after practice. She thanks her parents, Coach Jeff ,and her fellow Gators for always welcoming her to her second home.  She also thanks Mrs. Reihl for being her biggest cheerleader and knowing her times better than herself.  Maisy will continue to ‘make her deposits’ at the University of Notre Dame studying Aerospace Engineering.

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